Introducing at MoodleMoot Hungary

SiMoLa is developing the LingoBee mobile app, which aims to be a useful tool mainly for EU mobility students to support language learning. The Hungarian eUniversity Network had a presentation in MoodleMoot Hungary in Gödöllő to primarily HE audience which was a good opportunity to show the basic functions of the software. We summarize the content of the hungarian presentation, if somebody missed it in Gödöllő or anybody who is interested in mLearning topic.

The main functions of the application are based in well-known social network activities, practically these functions create the informal learning environment, in which the users can learn the language through comment, share, like and rate each others definitions. has quite the same philosophy with the difference that LingoBee’s learning process is pieced out with formal learning or teaching functions like usergroup administration and other administrative task in a traditional web based cms environment.

Aside from textual definition of words and expressions, the basic smartphone functions will also support learning, like video attachments, and supplementary audio commentary which helps to use the proper pronunciation. Definitions will get relevance in meaning by the comments, shares and ratings of the learners separated by topic specific usergroups.

The beta version of the application is coming out in autumn, till that time you should follow us on Twitter or check Facebook for other news of the app.

You can see the presentation in Slideshare (Hungarian version).


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