Bellerbys College, Oxford – LingoBee trial up and running

Bellerbys College, Oxford – 5 international students have started using the LingoBee app to learn English as part of the SIMOLA project.
LingoBee meeting

Initial meeting with students at Bellerbys College, Oxford

signing up

Students signing up to the SIMOLA project

Students were initially invited to attend a meeting to find out about the project and to express interest in taking part – all 13 students that attended wanted to be involved.

After much deliberation we selected 6 students to join the Oxford trial. To date 5 of them have signed up and have the LingoBee app installed on their new HTC desire phones.
The LingoBee app will allow language learners in Oxford to collect, annotate and share language- and culture-related content using their new mobile phones.
LingoBee app

HTC desire with LingoBee app installed

The group will meet once a fortnight for English lessons that will involve using and exploring the LingoBee app. The students will be encourage to make full use of the tools available within LingoBee, including the voice recorder, camera and weblinks.

More news coming soon as this trial continues and the sister project at Sussex ISC gets underway.
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One thought on “Bellerbys College, Oxford – LingoBee trial up and running

  1. Really interesting – looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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