Lingobee website

Screenshot of Lingobee homepage

The companion website to the Lingobee mobile app is now live!

By default, the homepage lists words and definitions submitted across all groups and languages, showing the incredible diversity of submitted content. In fact, testing the page was severely hampered because we repeatedly followed up new words and groups instead of ironing out bugs! Have a look for yourself, one gets easily lost…

For more focused use there are controls in the sidebar to filter the list by language or usergroup. This allows for example group discussions in the classroom based on content from a user group thrown on the whiteboard.

In addition to the word list and filtering options, the home page also links to a Feeds & Widgets page, where you can create a customised RSS feed for Lingobee, filtered by language, by usergroup or even by username. The RSS feed makes it very straightforward to integrate Lingobee content into your school’s Learning Management System or show it in your favourite RSS reader, website, blog, Facebook page, etc. RSS can be consumed by almost any platform on the Web.

Further down in the sidebar there is a link for teachers and administrators to request a new usergroup, and below that the QR code for installing the mobile app on an Android phone.

Once logged in, you can browse your Favourites and Usergroup just like in the mobile app. However, in the current version you cannot switch user groups or edit, rate, flag content on the website. This has to wait for the next version which will be able to synchronise edits across platforms.

Enough said – give the new website a spin at

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