NTNU heading for the third Lingobee User Study

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, has conducted two user studies on Lingobee, one during the summer and one during the autumn semester in 2011. For both studies, students from two classes joined the studies and they lasted about 10 weeks. The students had mixed levels of Norwegian competency, mostly beginner level. The students joined on a voluntary basis and the use of Lingobee was not a part of the formal course itself. This resulted in mixed levels of engagement and participation among the students. The contributions from these studies are the contents of the user groups “norskclass1”. Since the use of Lingobee was not a part of the course itself and the teachers were not involved in the study, the possibility to evaluate the contribution of Lingobee to the students’ language learning was limited. Similarly, it was harder to motivate the students to be active users of Lingobee.

The current study, which started on 14 February 2012, is designed to be a part of the language course and the teacher will be involved. Unlike the previous studies, all the students in the class, approximately 20, will participate in the study. The teacher will motivate the students to use Lingobee to add content, perhaps related to the topics studied in the class, and content from the Lingobee repository will be used for classroom discussions, thus bringing the students’ interests into the classroom discussions.

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