Study Group Teachers’ Conference 2012

LingoBee was presented at the Study Group Teachers’ Conference 2012, held in Bellerbys College Brighton, on the 10th and 11th February. Over 300 Study Group staff attended the annual conference, which had a number of sessions devoted to M-learning in general and LingoBee specifically.

The two SIMOLA researchers, Emma Procter-Legg and Rebecca Adlard, ran sessions covering an introduction to M-learning and the LingoBee trials. LingoBee also featured in the App room, an all day drop in session demonstrating different language learning apps. The SIMOLA researchers and managers (Ross Wainwright and Tom Ottway) took it in turns to man the App room to demonstrate LingoBee. Lots of new entries were added through out the day, as different teachers dropped in to have a go. It was an inspiring day, talking to many teachers about the benefits of using LingoBee and M-learning. To see further photos from the day, check out the LingoBee Facebook page and if you haven’t done so already, why not follow our progress on Twitter too!

Tom demonstrating LingoBee

Ross demonstrating LingoBee

Emma demonstrating LingoBee

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One thought on “Study Group Teachers’ Conference 2012

  1. barbara Gardner says:

    Great event, well done Lingo Bee team!

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