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LingoBee presented in Evora, Portugal

LingoBee was presented at the International Meeting on Languages, Applied linguistics and Translation in Evora, Portugal on the 7th December by Annamaria Cacchione and Emma Procter-Legg. The paper ‘LingoBee Mobile Language Learning App as a Tool to Support Lexical Growth’ was well received and a number of discussions followed about the potential of the the app for supporting lexical growth.

Click on the image below to view the Prezi presentation.


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Bellerbys Oxford – Update

The second trial of LingoBee has now come to an end at Bellerbys College Oxford, as the students hand back their smartphones, finish their final A level exams and head home for the holidays. Both trial groups entered their new found words and phrases into the Bellerbys Oxford user group. At the final count there were 823 entries made by the 12 students involved and their teacher. Below is a Wordle created from all 823 entries in the user group and their respective definitions – which amounts to 8,472 words!

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Below is a simple infographic showing the progress to date of the LingoBee trials at Bellerbys Oxford. It was made using the website Piktochart. Bellerbys Oxford User Group Infographic

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Bellerbys Oxford usergroup

Bellerbys Oxford usergroup

Check out the Wordle created from all the entries in the Bellerbys Oxford user group on LingoBee – nearly 800 entries! Tell us which is your favourite word.

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LingoBee was presented by Study Group at IATEFL Glasgow, one of the world’s largest ELT conferences, on the 21st March. The conference ran from the 19th to 23rd March, with delegates attending from around the world. M-learning was a popular theme, with the likes of Macmillan Education running a signature event on ‘Enhancing students’ language acquisition through mobile technologies’  including speakers Nicky Hockly and Agnes Kukulska-Hulme. This was an interesting talk which included many discussions relevant to the LingoBee trials.

Our session was introduced by Barbara Gardner and presented by the Rebecca Adlard and Emma Procter-Legg SIMOLA researchers.

Emma Procter-LeggRebecca AdlardAfter the presentation we had a number of conversations with audience members keen to talk about the trials. Click on the image below to view our presentation on the Prezi website, click ‘more’ to view it in full screen and use the arrows or click auto play to see the slides.

During our presentation we asked the audience the following question, “If you are in a classroom situation are phones welcome in your classroom?” we collected answers via a textwall and visualised the response through Wordle (the more frequently a response was given, the larger the word appears).

Are mobile phones welcome in your classroom?

We would like to hear your responses to this via our poll and through your comments.

Do check out our Facebook and Twitter pages too!

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Study Group Teachers’ Conference 2012

LingoBee was presented at the Study Group Teachers’ Conference 2012, held in Bellerbys College Brighton, on the 10th and 11th February. Over 300 Study Group staff attended the annual conference, which had a number of sessions devoted to M-learning in general and LingoBee specifically.

The two SIMOLA researchers, Emma Procter-Legg and Rebecca Adlard, ran sessions covering an introduction to M-learning and the LingoBee trials. LingoBee also featured in the App room, an all day drop in session demonstrating different language learning apps. The SIMOLA researchers and managers (Ross Wainwright and Tom Ottway) took it in turns to man the App room to demonstrate LingoBee. Lots of new entries were added through out the day, as different teachers dropped in to have a go. It was an inspiring day, talking to many teachers about the benefits of using LingoBee and M-learning. To see further photos from the day, check out the LingoBee Facebook page and if you haven’t done so already, why not follow our progress on Twitter too!

Tom demonstrating LingoBee

Ross demonstrating LingoBee

Emma demonstrating LingoBee

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