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A few LingoBee entries in English, Italian and Norwegian

Click on the link below to see a few LingoBee Screenshots on PhotoPeach. They are of interesting entries in English, Italian and Norwegian.

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Norwegian through English or German – interesting observation!

Browsing through the contents from the Lingobee repository, I noticed that several definitions were written in languages other than the target language. For example, several definitions for Norwegian words and expressions were written in either English or German. Is this because we have a natural tendency to remain in our comfort zone, in this case a language that we feel confident to write in? Or could this be because there were more German students in the group or the fact that almost everyone could communicate in English and that English was the common language among the students? I would be very interested to hear about the contributions from the other user groups and the opinions of the linguists and the pedagogues.

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Lingobee selected as a satellite for Norwegian on the Web

Lingobee has been identified as a satellite application for the learning Norwegian, using a web portal Norwegian on the Web (NoW). NoW is an online course in entry level Norwegian, where all the teaching aids are integrated on one website, free of charge. This is an effort by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to offer Norwegian when you like – where you like, to the increasing numbers of international students that study in Norway. NoW offers a formal course in Norwegian, supplemented by a textbook.

The NoW website was launched recently in a seminar, where four other applications that support various aspects of language learning were identified as satellites or complementary technologies that can complement NoW and would support learning Norwegian. Lingobee was presented as one of the satellites. The participants at the seminar recognized the added value that Lingobee could bring to language learning and appreciated the new insights it would provide in bringing the thoughts and interests of the learners themselves into the classroom.

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